2011. december 1., csütörtök

Why ....?

Egy kis konferansz hozzá: Nyáron az ARSC színeiben elég sokan vettünk részt a FINN Masters VB-n az olaszországi PuntaAlában. Hogy milyen volt, már olvashattatok róla máshol. A miértet még nem tudjátok. Itt van hozzá hollandus versenytársunk levele...:)  és hogy ne vesszen el a homályban, jövőre az első áprilisi agárdi verseny előtt olvasd el újra! Why...?:)  

Why:  are almost 300 Finn masters travelling for days, paying large amounts of money to get to Punta Ala?
Why: leave the happy home, family and friends?
Why: Does a fresh water fish, go to the salty waters?
Why: Do we change the trim of the finn in Punta Ala because we think the wind is another wind than we have at home?
Why: Are we suffering to get all the forms filled out and get all the signatures to get measured for a whole day?
Why: Are we so nervous about things that would make us happy?
Why: Didn’t we have 8 good starts instead of two?
Why: Didn’t I accept until the last day that the wind is turning one side and never coming back?
Why: Did I sail a with a new sail I never used before and didn’t know at all?
Why: Did we make so many mistakes and having so many learning moments every race, does this ever stop?
Why: Didn’t I see the jury boat when I knew I was pumping and was so wrong?
Why: Didn’t we pushed, less or more, relax. less or more… hang, pumped, hang and stretched our backs just. less or more?
Why: Did I have at least 5 boats of the top ten in our group on the last day and break my joystick?
Why: Do we suffer like we do on our age to get wet, broken, sometimes arguing with other sailors.

Man, I tell you why: we are all f*ckin’ Idiots. We love this piece of plastic with a sail.
We like to suffer, get wet, get tired, worn out: because we are finn,, regatta’’ sailors. Yes, we need to get out there and enjoy with the other competitors!

See you next year.

Wouter Molenaar (NED-2)

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